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We have a large inventory of plants and landscaping materials to help you create the landscape of your dreams. Delivery of bulk material is available. And if you want some experienced assistance with your do-it-yourself project, we can help you create a plan, choose your plants from our huge retail nursery, lay out your beds and guide you every step of the way.

Bedding Plants

When people think about sprucing up their landscapes, they often think of beautiful bedding plants with their brightly colored flowers and interesting textures. Bedding plants can add color or other interest to the garden and can be planted either in the ground or in containers.


Trees come in all shapes and sizes and can be some of the biggest assets to your yard because they provide shade, privacy, visual interest and other uses. When planting trees, keep in mind that roots can extend from the tree trunk by as much as one to two times the height of the tree.

Ornamental Grasses

Ornamental grasses are an easy, low-maintenance way to add interest and color to landscapes year round.


Mulch is a key element of successful landscaping. It reduces weeds, improves moisture retention, maintains soil temperatures and enhances the beauty of landscapes. Choosing the best mulch for your needs can be tricky, but that's what we are here for.

Landscaping Rocks

Using rocks in landscaping brings different colors and textures to your garden. Rocks can be used to create a decorative border, landscaped path or simply fill empty spaces.

Plant Protection

Plan ahead for your plants during the freezing weather. We carry Dewitt frost protection reusable blankets that will keep your plants from freezing in the cold weather.